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Pirate Alliance! a sitcom for all ages.

(are they married yet)
Jan 24 '14

And finally, a comic I drew for the We Love Oda-sensei book! Read right to left!

That’s it for today! Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with me~ ^o^

Jan 24 '14


Jan 24 '14

Old comic that I scrapped, mostly because I realized Zoro wouldn’t insult Sanji’s cooking, and Sanji wouldn’t treat food like that. I just had a strong desire to draw Zoro eating fire.

Jan 24 '14

Old doodles.

Jan 24 '14

Luffy: TRAFFIC DON’T GET HIT BYYYee bye world, I know you don’t want me here…
Law: [struggling]
Perona: Horororo! Give it up, you can’t fight my precious hollows~ Now spit it out!
Law: [coughs up blood instead]
Perona: EEK!

ANOTHER OLD ONE, anon hit Luffy and Law with a negative hollow. I never figured out how to execute it very well.

Jan 24 '14

WOW so a million years ago kuro-hachi asked who each alliance member would be as a bird and I DID start drawing a response before realizing I am…not bird smart enough….and stopped.

But I’m very proud of Franky as a Furby so

Jan 24 '14


I got nolstalgic and found some unfinished comics I never posted, so I’m posting them today. Bewaaaare~ black drawings on gray background are returning~

Also at the end of the day, I’m posting probably the cleanest comic I’ve ever done in my life. *o*

also I have been up all night because my feelings have basically been like this: 

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Jan 17 '14
throw me off a cliff

throw me off a cliff

Dec 10 '13

I’m glad you remembered me!

Dec 10 '13

Chapter 731

I originally typed out more of my thoughts, but having just finished the chapter, this is all I really need to say:


Nov 22 '13

askcaptaintashigi replied to your post: Chapter 729 no spoiler re…

do you mean THE COOLEST


Nov 20 '13

Chapter 729 no spoiler reaction


Nov 20 '13

Anonymous asked:

You need to draw Law hitting Kid across the forehead with the back of Kikoku while saying "Baka". Just sayin.

I really do need to

damn this going in my portfolio

Nov 16 '13

spookybooki asked:

No, Scarlet was Rebecca's mom,who looked completely different and was much older than Violet, so Violet is Toy Soldiers sister and Rebecca's aunt.

TOO MANY FAMILY RELATIONSS @_@ But thank you for the clear up!

Nov 16 '13

Chapter 728

Originally I wasn’t going to post my reaction since its very late! But this is a very interesting chapter so far. Pardon me! (its very short)

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